Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Red River Greenway? 


A greenway is undeveloped land that is either set aside for recreational use or environmental protection.  The existing Red River Greenway is comprised of bicycle and pedestrian trails, parks, open spaces, recreational facilities, natural habitat, and cultural areas within publicly owned lands that typically are not developed due to the existing floodplain and floodway.



Where is the Study Area? 


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On the North Dakota side of the Red River, the Study Area extends from Riverwood Park on the north, to 124th Avenue S on the south, and also includes Southeast Cass Water Resource District facilities Drain 27 (also known as the Rose Creek Coulee) and Drain 53.  The Priority study area will include Fargo’s short-term growth area, excluding the area along the Red River south of 52nd Ave S, which will be studied at a more conceptual level.



Why are we only looking at the North Dakota side of the Red River? 


This study is an update to the Red River Greenway Study of 2008 which looked at both North Dakota- and Minnesota-sides of the Red River and provided a high-level overview of the existing Greenway, gaps, and future extensions of the system.  More recently, Moorhead updated the Minnesota-side of the Red River Greenway Study through the 2014 Moorhead River Corridor Master Plan which took a deeper dive to establish a community vision and identify specific improvement projects related to the Red River Greenway.  This Study, the 2021 Red River Greenway Study, will update the plan to align the North Dakota-side to the Minnesota-side.  

  • Red River Greenway Study (2008) – A high-level greenway study looking at both Fargo and Moorhead sides of the Red River evaluating extension of the greenway system, expanding bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and identify gaps in the network.
  • Moorhead River Corridor Master Plan (2014) – A deeper dive into the greenway on the Moorhead side of the Red River that presents the long-term vision for the corridor side by side with implementation actions to guide future public access, recreation development, and vegetation restoration. 



What will the Red River Greenway Study be used for?


The Study will be used to guide the vision and future improvement projects associated with the Fargo-side of the Red River and align Greenway plans for the North Dakota-side of the Red River with Moorhead’s existing Red River Corridor Master Plan (2014).  The Red River Greenway Study will reflect the community’s vision for the Red River Greenway, established through a robust public engagement and planning process.  Based on the vision, goals, and objectives of the Study, the City of Fargo and Metro COG will be able to prioritize and make investment decisions for improvement projects within the study area to enhance the bicycle and pedestrian network, parks, open spaces, natural areas, historical, and cultural areas associated with the Red River Greenway.  The Study, and components thereof, will also be used to allocate local funding, pursue federal funding, and pursue state funding for Red River Greenway improvement projects.  



I’m a property owner along the Red River.  How will I be affected by this study?


This study will look at options for a connected greenway along the Red River wherever possible while recognizing that numerous privately-owned properties exist within the study area.  This study will look at options at these locations which may include:

  • Re-routing greenway amenities (such as trails) away from privately-owned property
  • Foregoing the greenway amenities on privately-owned lands
  • Analyzing greenway amenities if private property is known to become public land in the near future
  • Discussions with key property owners to determine if greenway amenities are feasible.  (For example, discussions with the Fargo Veterans Affairs (VA)) ​​​​