The Clay County Heartland Trail Task Force is a group formed in 2014 to guide the planning of the Heartland Trail through Clay County. The Task Force is comprised of stakeholder representatives from along the proposed trail cooridor.


Dan Farnsworth
Metro COG

City of Dilworth

Riverton Township

Buffalo ‐ Red River Watershed District

MSUM Science Center


City of Hawley

PartnerSHIP 4 Health 

Citizen Advocate



City of Glyndon 

Buffalo River State Park

Hawley Township

Clay County 


Becker County | Detroit Lakes

City of Moorhead

The Nature Conservancy

Membership positions still available for the following jurisdictions:
  • Oakport Township
  • Moorhead Township
  • Moland Township
  • Glyndon Township
  • Highland Grove Township
  • Eglon Township