2020 Color Digital Ortho Aerial Photography, LiDAR Contour Mapping, and Planimetric Updates - City of Fargo

Posted: 11/25/2019

Responses due: 1/6/2020

This project is NOT a Metro COG-led project. Metro COG is posting this Request for Proposals (RFP) on behalf of the City of Fargo (on behalf of metro area jurisdictions).


Please visit the City of Fargo's website for more information on proposal of this project.


Request for Proposals Document


The greater Fargo - Moorhead Metropolitan Area is located in the Red River Valley of North Dakota and Minnesota. Situated on the border between the two states the metropolitan area is divided by the Red River of the North and includes the Cities of Fargo, West Fargo, and portions of Cass County, North Dakota, and the Cities of Moorhead and Dilworth, and portions of Clay County, Minnesota.
The area is experiencing tremendous growth and this places pressure on jurisdictional governments, their infrastructure, and planning needs. Every two to three years a multi-jurisdictional project occurs to update color digital aerial orthophotography, 1 foot interval contour mapping derived from LiDAR, planimetrics, and impervious surfaces for the greater Fargo Moorhead Metropolitan area. In order to keep this data current, the City of Fargo is requesting responses for these professional services for a project that will take place in the spring of 2020.

This project will encompass 563.25 total square miles, the coverage area of the different project deliverables are as follows:

Three inch (0.25 foot) resolution orthophotos             6.00 square miles
Six inch (0.5 foot) resolution orthophotos                    563.25 square miles (includes 0.25’ tile area)
LiDAR, 1 Foot Contours, & DTM                                      487.50 square miles
      Building footprints                                                       490.00 square miles
      Road paving edges                                                      490.00 square miles
      Impervious Surfaces                                                   98.25 square miles

* Note - All area calculations are calculated from the provided Public Land Survey System (PLSS) shapefile grid and all quarter sections are assumed to be quarter mile squares.


The flights to capture the aerial imagery and the LiDAR data will commence as soon as possible after all snow cover is gone and the Red River of the North is below flood action stage (< 17 feet), which is typically late March; and shall be finished on or before May 8, 2020.