TH10 Corridor Study through Dilworth

Posted: 11/3/2021

Responses due: 11/29/2021

Background Information

In 2020, a US 10/75 study was completed which addressed US 10 west of 34th Street. One of the alternatives of this study was to change the character of the roadway (US 75 to 34th Street) from a divided highway to that of an urban cross section by narrowing lanes and eliminating the median. Likewise, this study should consider how the urban segments of this corridor could enhance the context of the adjacent existing and future land uses.

The main objective of this corridor study is to define what the vision is for the US 10 corridor in Dilworth, MN. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) District 4 is planning reconstruction projects along this corridor throughout the upcoming decade due to aging pavement and intends to incorporate the findings of this study into its preliminary design and public outreach. The proposed study will include reviewing: traffic operations, bike/pedestrian and transit needs, safety, stormwater infrastructure, and environmental documentation needs. Additional elements of this plan are to work with the City of Dilworth to consider varying contextual areas as well as to envision future redevelopment areas along the corridor. The study should provide roadway alternatives that balance the need for traffic/freight movement with the need to support multimodal elements of the varying contextual areas along the corridor.

As part of this study process, concept layouts and typical sections, along with preliminary cost estimates will be developed for all alternatives for each contextual area. The consultant should propose how the corridor should be divided into contextual elements, recognizing that the study area consists of a highway commercial area, a downtown core, residential areas that are slated for future land use transition, and urbanizing areas of a more suburban nature on the east side of the study area. The consultant will need to address project staging and the impacts associated with it.

The US 10/75 corridor study recommended removal of the median where the old weigh station used to reside where the north portion of US 10 and US 75 merge. Minnesota State Patrol does periodic freight enforcement at that location. This study should take the recommendations of that previous study into consideration and evaluate locations for a commercial vehicle enforcement location along this segment of TH 10.