Public Participation Plan

About the PPP

Metro COG believes citizens should be a part of the planning process, not simply learn about plans after the fact. Metro COG strives for a planning process that is transparent, understandable, and allows for two‐way communication. The purpose of Metro COG’s Public Participation Plan (PPP) is to identify opportunities for the public to get involved in transportation planning process for the Metro COG region. The plan includes methods to increase public awareness and understanding, as well as policies to provide complete and timely information to the public and transportation stakeholders.

Public participation in the transportation planning process is important for a variety of reasons:

  • Public involvement is an important element of a high quality transportation planning process, not a simple “add on” to meet federal requirements;
  • Effective transportation planning must include the participation of those whose everyday lives are critically affected by how they are able to get to work, home, school, shopping, and local services;
  • Citizens have the right to participate in transportation decisions that affect their community and way of life;
  • Citizens have knowledge and insight into local problems that Metro COG staff planners and the Policy Board need to make informed decisions; and
  • Robust citizen participation strengthens the democratic process and improves the likelihood that plans will be implemented.