Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

The Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee is a committee that meets to discuss issues and needs facing the walking and bicycling public. The Committee is also actively involved in planning and implementing improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities that improve safety and the quality of life for the citizens of the Fargo-Moorhead area. The Committee is made up of persons representing local law enforcement, health organizations, park districts, planning and engineering departments, and more.

The Metropolitan Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee meets on a quarterly basis.

More information on Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning can be found under Resources/Planning.



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Dan Farnsworth
Metro COG 

Joe Anderson
Fargo Police Department

Jonathan Atkins
City of Moorhead Engineering

MnDOT - District 4

Forrest Steinhoff
City of Moorhead Planning

Maegin Elshaug 
City of Fargo Planning

Barb Erbstoesser
West Fargo Park District

Jeremy Gorden
City of Fargo Engineering

Christine Holland
River Keepers 

Patrick Hollister
PartnerSHIP 4 Health

Jace Hellman
City of Horace

Luke Grittner
Transit - MATBUS

Matt Jacobson
Clay County

Tyler Kirchner
Fargo Park District

Kurt Kopperud
Citizen Representative

Peyton Mastera
City of Dilworth

Aaron Murra
NDDOT – Fargo District

Grace Puppe
Cass County

Mike Schroeder
Moorhead Parks & Recreation

Brit Stevens
NDSU Transportation

Cheryl Stetz
Fargo Cass Public Health

Great Rides

Andrew Wrucke 
City of West Fargo Engineering

City of West Fargo Planning


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