17th Avenue South Corridor Study

5th Street South to Approximately 350' West of 51st Street

17th Ave S is a heavily-used collector roadway the traverses the City of Fargo from east to west.  The corridor spans from the Red River/5th St (at the entrance of Lindenwood Park) to the Fargo/West Fargo city boundary.  From there the roadway continues west into West Fargo for several more miles.  17th Ave S is bordered by both residential and commercial land uses.  East of I-29 the corridor abuts mostly residential land uses while west of I-29 the land uses are mostly commercial.  The roadway varies in width ranging from a two-lane roadway to a 4-lane roadway.

Metro COG, in cooperation with the City of Fargo, is seeking a qualified Consultant in evaluating the existing conditions and future needs/improvements along the 17th Ave S Corridor in Fargo.  This corridor is of key interest to both the City of Fargo and Metro COG as the level of service (LOS) is anticipated to decline without future improvements (per Metro COG’s 2014 Long Range Transportation Plan).  In addition, bicycle facilities along 17th Ave S have been identified as a need per Metro COG’s 2016 FM Metro Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan. 

The study is broken into two segments:

  • West segment – Fargo/West Fargo city boundary to 32nd St
  • East segment – 35th St to 5th

West segment - Fargo/West Fargo city boundary to 32nd St

The objective of this study segment is to analyze the current and future traffic conditions, identify potential vehicle LOS improvements, identify safety improvements, and analyze the impacts of the potential improvements with respect to cost, transit, safety, and bicycle and pedestrian movement.  The planning horizon for this study is year 2040.

Key intersections have been identified which should be analyzed in detail.  These intersections include the following:

  • 17th Ave S & 32nd St
  • 17th Ave S & 34th St
  • 17th Ave S & 38th St
  • 17th Ave S & 42nd St
  • 17th Ave S & 44th St
  • 17th Ave S & 45th St

East segment 35th St to 5th

Metro COG’s 2016 FM Metro Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan found that a continuous east-west bicycle corridor is needed through the City of Fargo, namely 17th Ave S.  17th Ave S between 5th St to 35th St is the missing link in the local bicycle network and has long been identified as a desirable bicycle route.  The study is tasked to see what facilities, if any, can be added to make this corridor a cross-town bicycle route.  The study should provide information of how certain bicycle facilities may affect vehicle traffic flow and should expect to provide traffic analysis of the effects of certain bicycle facilities on vehicle operations if deemed necessary.  Also the study seeks to analyze current on-street parking utilization in order to gauge the demand for such parking and determine the feasibility of removing on-street parking for possible on-street bicycle facilities.

Project Contact Information


Dan Farnsworth



Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments
Case Plaza, Suite 232
One 2nd Street North
Fargo, ND 58102