9th Street Corridor Study - West Fargo, ND

Posted: 12/21/2018

Responses due: 1/18/2019

Deadline for RFP Clarifications/Questions: 1/4/2019

Background Information

The 9th Street corridor is an important north-south transportation corridor through the City of West Fargo. The corridor currently runs from the city’s northern boundary between 12th Avenue NE and 19th Avenue NE to an interchange at Interstate 94, before transitioning into Veterans Boulevard). The roadway is currently classified as a minor arterial, with traffic volumes ranging from 3,035 AADT to 9,930 AADT within the study area.

From 12th Avenue NE to Main Avenue, the corridor is a rural two-lane roadway and is mostly industrial and agricultural, with an at-grade crossing of the BNSF Railroad (two mainlines) between Main Avenue and 7th Avenue NE. The City of West Fargo has designated the section between Main Avenue and the city’s northern boundary as part of its truck route network.

From Main Avenue to 7th Avenue East, the corridor is bordered by predominantly low-density and manufactured housing, with areas of institutional development including the West Fargo City Hall and Police Department as well as West Fargo High School just south of 7th Avenue E. A higher concentration of environmental justice communities are present in this area. Metro Area Transit (MATBUS) serves a portion of this section of the corridor with its Route 20 (previously Route 16). Neighborhoods adjacent to or near the corridor include Main Avenue, East Main, Brookwood, Berger, Sommerset, Meyer, and North Industrial Park. 

The corridor is bisected by two important minor arterials and one collector roadway: 7th Avenue NE, 12th Avenue NE, and 7th Avenue E respectively. The corridor also intersects Main Avenue, a principal arterial with AADT between 9,210 and 14,155 east and west of 9th Street.

West Fargo adopted a new comprehensive plan, entitled West Fargo 2.0 in 2018. The plan should be used as a guiding document for this corridor study.

It should also be noted that a previous corridor study for 9th Street/Veterans Boulevard was completed in 2012. However, most of the recommendations and implementation measures from that study focused on the corridor south of 17th Avenue E. In addition, current traffic volumes along the corridor from 12th Avenue NE to south of Main Avenue have already surpassed the 2035 AADT projections used in the previous study.

This information is not meant to fully define the study for the consultant nor is intended to relay all of the issues that may be defined during the course of the study. It is only intended to provide a context for the corridor and to provide background information.


Project Objective

The objective of the West Fargo 9th Street Corridor Study is to identify a recommended set of potential improvement projects for consideration in future construction programs, derived from a transparent, rational, and meaningful transportation planning process.

The recommendations of this study will include short- and long-term solutions for current and anticipated travel demand that are best suitable to adjacent land uses along the corridor. The recommendations should provide reasonable detail including but not limited to: number and width of lanes, vertical and horizontal alignments to determine right-of-way widths, intersection configurations including turn lanes and traffic control, potential railroad crossing improvements, utility relocations, and future bicycle, pedestrian and transit facilities.