Fargo-Moorhead Metro Bikeways Gap Analysis


This study consists of 16 high-interest gaps in Fargo-Moorhead’s existing bikeway network. While a total of 119 gaps have been identified in the 2016 Fargo-Moorhead Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan, the 16 gaps being analyzed in this study are have been identified due to their local needs, public feedback, and other factors.



  • Path from North Elmwood Park to Scheels Soccer Complex via city easement corridor just south of 10th Ave W
  • Path from intersection of 9th St W & 28th Ave W due east to Sheyenne St. Path from intersection of 6th St W & 27th Ave W south to West Fargo Sports Arena / Lights at Sheyenne 32 development.
  • Path from intersection of 47th Ave W & Sheyenne St due east to existing Osgood path including Sheyenne River crossing.  Path from Osgood path south to intersection of 52nd Ave E & 4th St E


  • Dakota Dr / CR 81 from 12th Ave N to CR 22
  • Red River path from 15th Ave N to 32nd Ave N
  • 7th Ave N and/or 6th Ave N from University Dr to vicinity Oak Grove School
  • 13th Ave S from 21st St to 5th St
  • 24th Ave S / 25th Ave S from 18th St to 5th St
  •  Path and bridge from vicinity of 40th Ave S & University Dr to Bluestem Performing Arts Center (Moorhead)
  • Broadway (or parallel corridor) from 8th Ave N to 35th Ave N
  • I-29 crossing at 28th Ave S


  • Intersection of 6th St & 12th Ave S to intersection of 6th St & 7th Ave S (either through Concordia or around campus)
  • Connect existing bike facilities on 28th Ave S west of M-State to 20th St path at either the intersection of 24th Ave S & 20th St or intersection of 20th Ave S & 20th St
  • Connect existing bike facilities at intersection of 27th Ave S & 26th St to existing bike facilities at intersection of 24th Ave S & SE Main Ave


  • Path from 40th Ave S to I-94
  • Path along 11th St from 15th Ave N to MB Johnson Park

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