US10/US75 Corridor Study

Moorhead, MN

Project Background & Objectives


The U.S. Highway 10 (US 10)/ U.S. Highway 75 (US 75) corridor is located in Moorhead, Minnesota. The corridor consists of a variety of land use classifications such as residential, institutional and commercial. A railroad runs parallel to the majority of the US 10/Center Avenue corridor and actually crosses the corridor in one location. Current traffic counts indicate 22,000 AADT/ 1450 HCAADT high along Hwy 10 (6.6% truck traffic); 10600 AADT/ 1050 HCAADT (9.9% truck traffic) high along Center Ave.; and 33,000 AADT/ 1350 HCAADT (4.1% truck traffic) high along TH 75. Other challenges include, balancing the needs of motorized traffic and non-motorized traffic, considering business access required during construction, multiple local roads that access the corridor, and working with the City of Fargo as the corridor affects traffic traveling thru downtown Fargo.

The main objective of this corridor study is to define the vision for the US 10/US75 corridor in Moorhead, MN. A detailed planning study of the corridor was completed in 2013 and this study is intended to build upon the findings and further evaluate desired changes to the existing conditions. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) District 4 is planning to complete a reconstruction project in 2025 along this corridor and plans to incorporate the findings of this study for its preliminary design and public outreach. The proposed study will include reviewing: traffic operations, bike/pedestrian and transit needs, safety, stormwater requirements, and environmental documentation needs.

As part of this study process, concept layouts and typical sections, along with preliminary costs will be developed for the following:

  • US 10 – East/West along Main Avenue from the Red River to 8th Street and Main Avenue from 8th Street to 11th Street, North/South along 11th Street from Main Avenue to US 10/Center Avenue, and East/West along US 10 from 11th Street to the north junction of US 10/US 75. (It will follow the proposed route based on the construction of an 11th Street underpass)
  • US 75 – North/South along 8th Street from 20th Avenue South to Main Avenue
  • TH 10 from the Red River to US 10/US 75 is a principal arterial on the National Highway System and there is a potential for future realignment and reclassification based on the future 11th Street underpass

Project Contact Information


Michael Maddox


Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments
Case Plaza, Suite 232
One 2nd Street North
Fargo, ND 58102