MATBUS 2021 - 2025 Transit Development Plan

Help us shape the future of the transit service in the region





Project Overview

The Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments (Metro COG) and the Cities of Fargo and Moorhead are developing the MATBUS 2021-2025 Transit Development Plan (TDP), which will provide a vision for transit in the region over the next five years. The MATBUS 2021-2025 TDP will review existing conditions, gather feedback, document community needs, and result in recommendations for how MATBUS should align transit services to meet the needs of a growing region.


The objectives of the MATBUS 2021-2025 TDP include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate current MATBUS policies and operations for providing transit service within the Fargo-Moorhead region,
  • Identify transit needs of the community,
  • Analyze new service strategies and technologies in order to provide enhanced transit service to the public,
  • Ensure coordination between human services and transportation providers to address mobility needs of the region, and;
  • Provide MATBUS staff and leadership with goals/recommendations to implement over the course of the next five years.


The MATBUS 2021-2025 TDP is a project of Metro COG, in cooperation with the Cities of Fargo and Moorhead, and their partner cities, West Fargo and Dilworth. The project is guided by a Study Review Committee (SRC) comprised of MATBUS riders; staff from MATBUS and Metro COG; Local, State, and Federal government partners; and representatives from the Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board and First Transit (contract operator).

Process and Timeline

The first step of the TDP will be an assessment of needs and existing conditions, addressing how the MATBUS system is used today; present and future transportation needs and travel patterns; and documentation of the public's preferences and priorities. Public engagement activities will include surveys, online comment tools, open house style online events, and interviews with stakeholder groups. Input from the oublic and stakeholders will be incorporated throughout the project, including the creation of goals, priorities, and performance measures; draft services; and strategic recommendations.