University Drive & 10th Street Corridor Study


The Uni10 Corridor Study identifies a preferred corridor-wide lane configuration to study in more detail.


In recent months, the Uni10 team has been hard at work evaluating a series of corridor-wide roadway configurations against community priorities defined in our first phase of Community Visioning, as well as modeling traffic implications for each under current and future conditions.

When evaluating the different scenarios, we looked at four (4) different metrics: safety, modal balance, efficiency, and costs/other impacts. 

So what did we learn? None of the scenarios mitigate every issue and meet every community priority. But, now we know what the pros and cons of conversion to two-way traffic would be and how to make a conversion the most impactful while still meeting community priorities. 

Traffic modeling tells us that the “Downtown Only Conversion” (from 4th Avenue North to 2nd Avenue South) scenario will increase circulation and accessibility for all modes. 

In the Downtown Only scenario, the Downtown segments of both streets have one lane converted to two-way, neither street is widened and the north and south segments remain a one-way pair. 

This concept will be compared against a “Do Nothing” Alternative in greater detail, and both will be refined with spot improvements in the next phase of the project. To find out more about the evaluation process and configurations we tested, check out the project update video and explore the PROJECT MATERIALS page. 


OCTOBER 12 @ 4:30 - 7:00PM (in person)
NDSU Memorial Union Building
1401 Administration Ave, Fargo, ND 58105