17th Street North Corridor Study

Moorhead, MN



17th Street N is a major collector roadway located on the north side of Moorhead, MN. The corridor runs one mile from 1st Ave N to 15th Ave N where it is terminated by T intersections on both ends. Land uses along the corridor are primarily single family residences, with the southern three blocks comprised of commercial uses and a private school.

The roadway is a two lane road with parking on both sides. For the southern three blocks the roadway transitions to a three-lane section. The corridor is known for its excessive width with a curb-to-curb width of 60 feet and an estimated right-of-way of 140 feet.

The City of Moorhead has discussed needed pavement improvements of this corridor, so reconfiguring of the roadway layout should be highly considered as part of the proposed roadwork. The current roadway and right-of-way widths present a great opportunity to improve the corridor’s aesthetics, quality of life, multi-modal safety, provide traffic calming, provide bicycle facilities, and more. This corridor has the potential to be unique to the Fargo-Moorhead Area.


The objective of this study is to:

  • Gather existing conditions and determine existing and future needs along the corridor.
  • Provide planning-level corridor alternatives that would improve the corridor’s aesthetics, multi-modal safety, provide traffic calming, provide bicycle facilities, and more. Alternatives should include graphics (sketches / renderings), comparison of alternatives, and planning-level cost estimates.
  • Gather input from the public, stakeholders, and adjacent landowners to help guide feasible corridor alternatives.
  • Prepare a final report that will include but not be limited to: existing conditions, public involvement, graphics, corridor alternatives and costs, and recommendations.
  • Provide options and alternatives to funding the corridor improvements