Transportation Improvement Program

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) activities include any effort to complete the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Plan, or coordinate the TIP with the North Dakota State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) and Minnesota State Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP).  Examples of such activities include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting the local public transit operators in preparing short-range operations, capital, and planning programs, which are harmonious with the Metro Transit Plan (Metro COG's Long Range Transportation Plan, also known as the LRTP)
  • Assisting the local jurisdictions in formulating or updating their four-year roadway priorities in light of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (LRTP)
  • Seeking formal approval of the TIP
  • Soliciting and receiving public input on the TIP
  • Coordinating the TIP development with the state Departments of Transportation