Traffic / ITS

Traffic management is a key component in a transportation network.  Obtaining current and accurate traffic data, managing traffic flow, and ensuring the proper equipment is deployed can make a region’s transportation network reliable, efficient, and safe.  Metro COG coordinates such efforts in various ways. 

Metro COG conducts traffic counts on an as-needed basis and also conducts metro-wide traffic counts every five years which are used to calibrate the Fargo-Moorhead Metro Area travel demand model.  These metro-wide counts are also used by the public, technical staff, elected officials and for planning purposes. 

In addition to traffic counting, Metro COG coordinates ITS efforts.  ITS, or Intelligent Transportation Systems, uses technology and communication to improve traffic flow, improve transportation safety, and notify roadway users of current traveling conditions.  Such ITS in our region includes, dynamic message signs, traffic signal coordination, emergency vehicle preemption, and more.  Metro COG often utilizes the expertise of NDSU’s Advanced Traffic Analysis Center (ATAC) for ITS-related efforts as well as other traffic data collection, traffic planning, technical support, and more.

Other traffic efforts Metro COG has been involved with includes traffic incident management, travel demand modeling, and more.

Metro COG coordinates and hosts the Traffic Operations Working Group which meets on occasion to discuss and guide traffic/ITS–related items and oversee traffic/ITS-related studies and other efforts.  Find more information on the Traffic Operations Working Group