US 10 | Dilworth Corridor Study


Background Information


US Trunk Highway (TH) 10 through Dilworth is a critical regional corridor providing mobility across the State of Minnesota. US 10 serves as the de facto Main Street and gateway to the City of Dilworth and serves many of Dilworth’s major businesses, recreational areas, schools, and communities of faith. While an asset for statewide mobility, US 10 can also be a barrier to north-south multimodal movements in the community. The US 10 Corridor Study through Dilworth provides the City of Dilworth the opportunity to balance the needs of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s (MnDOT) statewide mobility goals with the local safety and multimodal needs of the city.


Project Objective


In line with the city’s vision from Dilworth 2045, the city's comprehensive plan, this study will evaluate the urbanization of US 10 with an emphasis on multi-modal facilities. As a corridor through the traditional downtown core of Dilworth, US 10 supports many needs for the community of Dilworth and the surrounding area. This study will consider options for downtown Dilworth by developing a detailed understanding of land use and redevelopment concepts that will positively impact the larger community and US 10, as well as standards and expectations through downtown that create options for a more robust pedestrian zone to support existing and future businesses.



The corridor study for Highway 10 through Dilworth began in the spring of 2022. Initial tasks through the spring and summer of 2022 include evaluating the existing conditions, traffic analysis, community engagement opportunities, and a Public Input Meeting. Over the summer of 2022, the study team will develop a set of alternatives for Highway 10 that take into consideration the various issues and needs, as well as the adjacent land use. A second Public Input Meeting will be held in the fall of 2022 to present the alternatives and discuss them with the community. Final alternative recommendations will be included in the Corridor Study Report scheduled for completion in early 2023.