Horace Comprehensive & Transportation Plan

Project Background


The City of Horace is currently updating it's 2007 comprehensive plan with a new planning effort focusing on two primary components: an innovative comprehensive plan reflective of the changing dynamics of the city; and a detailed citywide transportation plan incorporating a flexible policy framework for addressing vehicular and multimodal transportation system improvements.

Horace is a rapidly growing community with a population of over 2,700 residents located in the southwest corner of the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area. The city encompasses approximately 11.13 square miles and an additional 13.85 square miles are within the city's extraterritorial (ET) planning area providing zoning and platting jurisdiction.

While Horace has roots dating to the 1880's and was incorporated in the 1940's, the city has experienced a dramatic increase in population over the past 30 years, transitioning from a rural agricultural service center of around 660 in 1990, to a modern suburban community that is currently experiencing growth of over 60 dwelling units per year. The approval of $106.9 million school bond referendum package on September 25, 2018, which includes funds for a new 1,000-student high school and 800-student middle school in the city, as well as an addition to Horace Elementary School, is likely to accelerate growth and the desire and demand for housing in Horace.


Project Objective


The objective of this project is the preparation of a new comprehensive and transportation plan which document's a vision for the city's future and provides strategic guidance relative to future growth decisions. The plan will include goals and guidelines that are tangible and achievable during a 25 year planning horizon and create an overall blueprint for Horace drawing upon best planning practices.

The new comprehensive plan will be an accessible and engaging document that will help guide long term policy decisions and be directive to specific transportation and development issues when relevant. The aim for this project is to garner long term support and commitment from residents, stakeholders, and city officials for realizing goals and a future vision for Horace.