Appendix A - Interpretive Services

Per the Limited English Proficiency Plan, Metro COG provides Language Assistance Services on an as-needed basis.

Language Assistance

A person who does not speak English as their primary language and who has a limited ability to read, write, speak or understand English may be a Limited English Proficient person and may be entitled to language assistance with respect to Metro COG programs and services. Language assistance can include interpretation, which means oral or spoken transfer of a message from one language into another language and/or translation, which means the written transfer of a message from one language into another language.

After applying the four-factor analysis, Metro COG has examined the following language assistance options and identified which methods will provide Metro COG with an effective LEP Plan.

The following are measures Metro COG staff may use to notify and identify a LEP person:

  1. Post a notice in a conspicuous and accessible place in the Metro COG office of the LEP Plan and of the availability of interpretation or translation services free of charge in languages LEP persons would understand.
  2. Post the LEP on Metro COG’s website
  3. Greet participants as they arrive at Metro COG - sponsored informational meetings or events. By informally engaging participants in conversation or by using language identification flashcards (next bullet point), it is possible to gauge each attendee’s ability to speak and understand English. Although translation may not be able to be provided at the event, it will help identify the need for future events.
  4. Make language identification flashcards (see Appendix B) available at public meetings and other community input events.
  5. Survey Metro COG staff periodically on their experience concerning any contacts with LEP persons during the previous year.


Language Assistance Measures

Although there is a very low percentage of LEP individuals in the Metro COG planning area, that is, persons who speak English less than “very well” or “not at all”, Metro COG will strive to offer the following measures:

  1. Metro COG staff will take reasonable steps to provide the opportunity for meaningful access to LEP clients who have difficulty communicating in English.
  2. The following resources will be available to accommodate LEP persons:

a. Interpretative services, within reason, will be provided for public meetings, if advance notice is provided to Metro COG and such services are readily available;

b.    Metro COG will make translated versions (or provide for the interpretation of relevant sections) of all documents/publications available upon request, within a reasonable time period and as resources permit.

Additionally, Metro COG includes the following disclaimer on all public meeting notifications:

“Metro COG will make a good faith effort to accommodate requests for translation services for meeting proceedings and related materials.  Please contact the Metro COG Office Manager at 701.532.5100 at least five days in advance of the meeting if any special accommodations are required for any member of the public to be able to participate in this meeting.”