Posted: 12/29/2022
Closing date: 3/31/2023
Job type: Full Time Salary: $126,340 - $141,544

Job Opening – Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments


Position will remain open until filled.

The Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments (Metro COG) serves as the region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and as a regional planning resource in the form of a COG.  Including the Executive Director position, the agency currently has nine full-time planning positions as well as an intern. On-going technical assistance from North Dakota State University’s Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute is part of the agency’s annual work program. The annual 2023 budget is approximately $1.5M. A significant portion of the agency’s annual budget is used to hire consultants to carry out studies and planning efforts administered by Metro COG. The agency is primarily funded with a combination of Federal funds and the required local match funds.


In 2023, Metro COG expects to receive Transportation Management Area designation. Most of the steps needed to make this transition have either already been put in place, or are in process.



The primary objective of this position is to fulfill the overall program, administrative, and management objectives of Metro COG. The Executive Director will advance surface transportation, community, and other inter-governmental planning efforts under the direction of the Policy Board to improve the social, environmental, economic, and transportation conditions of the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area.

The Executive Director ensures federal requirements are achieved as outlined in 23 CFR 450, as amended, regarding Metropolitan Transportation Planning (MTP). The Executive Director oversees the development of required federal plans/programs to ensure eligibility of the FM Metropolitan Area for federal aid covered under Title 23 USC and Title 49 USC, as amended. The Executive Director serves to coordinate the planning, policy, and programming actions of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT), Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), and local units of governments within the FM Metropolitan Area.



An employee in this position is responsible for Metro COG's overall operation such as: budget preparation, personnel management, program administration and intergovernmental coordination.  Essential skills include: thorough knowledge of public administration practices and the intergovernmental process; familiarity with urban planning techniques and methods; ability to coach and supervise staff; strong communication and written skills; demonstrated experience in financial matters; and considerable knowledge of transportation, community development, urban and legislative affairs, and related issues. The Executive Director is the chief administrator, the affirmative action officer, the authorized recording officer, the designated Chair of the Transportation Technical Committee (TTC), and the primary technical adviser to Metro COG Policy Board.

A bachelor’s degree in public administration, community planning, transportation planning, transportation engineering, business administration, or a related major, and at least 10 years of related experience are required, of which two years must have been in a supervisory role.



 *     Prepare and present to the Policy Board semi-annual reports of Metro COG’s affairs, and transmit to cognizant local, state, and Federal agencies.

*      Prepare the annual budget and work program, submit it Policy Board for approval, and be responsible for its administration during the program year.

*      Keep the Policy Board advised of its financial condition and the future needs of Metro COG, and make such recommendations as he/she may deem necessary.

*      Prescribe such rules and regulations as he/she may deem necessary or expedient for the effective execution and implementation of Metro COG’s programs, or for the improvement of services.

*      Monitor affairs of Metro COG, and investigate complaints regarding matters concerning the overall administration of Metro COG.

*      Oversee all contracts of Metro COG.

*      Execute and enforce all official directions, policies, and procedures established by Metro COG.

*      Serve as the agency’s Title VI Coordinator and oversee updates to the Title VI Non-Discrimination Plan and Limited English Proficiency Plan.

*      Review and approve specifications or requisitions for articles or services required by Metro COG and cause to be advertised in accordance with applicable law.

*      Authorize all purchase orders for supplies, materials, equipment, or contracted services, and determine their conformance with specifications.

*      Administer Metro COG's personnel and affirmative action program.

*      Coach and supervise staff and assist in implementation of specific project elements of Metro COG’s work plan.

*      Assign any employee of Metro COG to any responsibility or position requiring services, as appropriate to the job classifications of the employee so assigned.

*      Recommend to Metro COG a schedule of pay, and a classification system for each position in the employ of Metro COG.

*      Recruit qualified candidates, administer employment exams/interviews, recommend hiring, and determine appropriate probationary actions.

*      Evaluate staff performance, propose staff compensation levels, and, if necessary, carry out progressive disciplinary actions and make recommendations for staff termination for Metro COG consideration.

*      Serve, or designate personnel to serve, as the recording secretary of Metro COG, and personally staff or chair appropriate Metro COG committees.

Program Implementation

*      Prepare and monitor the implementation of Metro COG’s Long Range Transportation Plan and appropriate component sub-elements (Transit Development Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, Intelligent Transportation System Plan).

*      Prepare and monitor the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the FM Metropolitan area in cooperation with MnDOT, NDDOT, and the Public Transit Operator(s)

*      Prepare and monitor Metro COG’s Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).

*      Implement Metro COG’s 3-C (Comprehensive, Coordinated, and Continuous) transportation process in the FM Metropolitan Area; including development of Metro COG’s annual federal certifications and assurance pursuant to 23 CFR 450, as amended.

*      Oversee the development of a wide range of sub-area and area wide transportation studies, technical memorandum, etc.

*      Act as an advocate for Metro COG policies at the metropolitan, regional, state, and national levels.

*      Ensure program consistency within the context of a bi-state multi-jurisdictional metropolitan area.


The foregoing statements describe the principal functions of this position, but shall not be construed as an inclusive listing of all inherent requirements for the position.



The 2023 starting salary range for this position ranges from $126,340 to $141,544, with future salary steps exceeding this amount commensurate with experience.  Metro COG reserves the right to hire at an appropriate level. Employees receive an annual step raise upon a satisfactory annual performance evaluation.


Metro COG offers the following benefits:

·         Health, dental and vision insurance

·         Life/AD&D insurance/Long-Term Disability

·         Short-Term Disability Available (employee-paid)

·         Employer match for retirement savings

·         Health savings account contribution

·         Employee Assistance Program

·         Training opportunities and Payment of Professional Membership Dues

·         Flexible work hours