Metro Area Transit Coordinating Board

The Metro Area Transit (MAT) Coordinating Board is responsible for providing a coordinated public transit system within the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area. The MAT Coordinating Board is comprised of elected officials from Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo, and Dilworth, as well as representatives from each college, and a representative from Valley Senior Services. The Board facilitates a coordinated decision-making process between the City of Fargo and the City of Moorhead regarding delivery of public transit and ensures that decisions are developed in consultation with other local units of governments, public institutions, stakeholders, and the general public.


Kevin Hanson
Jointly Appointed


Ari Del Rosario
Assistant Transportation Planner

Amber Borah
Dilworth City Council

Paul Grindeland
Valley Senior Service

Denise Kolpack
Fargo City Commission

Steve Lindaas
Moorhead City Council

Gabrielle Lommel
Concordia College

Ryan Nelson
Moorhead City Council

Brad Olson
West Fargo City Commission

Brit Stevens

Teresa Stolfus

John Strand
Fargo City Commission

Annie Wood

MAT Coordinating Board Staff

Julie Bommelman
Fargo Transit Director

Shaun Crowell
Mobility Manager & DBE Coordinator

Luke Grittner
Fargo Transit Planner

Taaren Haak
Moorhead Assistant Transit Planner

Matthew Pinotti
First Transit General Manager

Jordan Smith
Transit Fleet & Facility Manager

Cole Swingen
Fargo Assistant Transit Director - Operations

Lori Van Beek
Moorhead Transit Manager


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