Clay County Comprehensive & Transportation Plan


Project Background


Clay County and Metro COG began an update to the 2002 Clay County Comprehensive Plan in early 2021.  The goal of this new planning process is to reflect on the needs and opportunities of the county and to develop a plan which is clear, easy to read, and is both practical and inspirational. 

Project Objective


The primary objective of the Clay County Comprehensive and Transportation Plan is to provide a coordinated set of goals and policies that will guide decisions regarding land use, transportation, services, resources, and other needs.  With the support of citizens, elected officials, and community leaders throughout the county, this plan will represent the vision for the future of the county and serve as a strategic guidebook to reach that vision.  By analyzing current conditions, trends, and other indicators, the plan will set the foundation for Clay County's aspirations and provide a framework for what the county can achieve over the next 25 years.