Interstate Operations Analysis

and Plan for Future Improvements

Background Information


In 2011 an interstate operations analysis for the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area was completed.  Since that study began in 2010, the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) population has grown nearly 18 percent, from approximately 209,000 to over 246,000. 

The purpose of the Interstate Operations Analysis and Plan for Future Improvements is to examine the existing and future conditions of the interstate system through Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area and determine short, mid, and long range improvements to ensure the interstate system is reliable, safe, and efficient.  Improvements can range from ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) improvements, such as variable speed limits, to freeway widening, to implementation of new interchanges.  Both MnDOT and NDDOT anticipate reconstruction projects within the next decade and this plan helps identify the need and timeline of such projects.

In addition, this study analyzes the need and potential benefit of a highway around the perimeter of the metro area for the purposes of relieving traffic on the urban interstate system and to provide an efficient and safe alternate route. 

The boundaries of the study include I-29 from 100th Avenue S to Argusville (Cass County 4), and I-94 from Cass County 15 (165th Ave SE interchange, also known as Exit 340 – Kindred) to MN 336/Clay County Highway 11.